Munnar, Kerala


Munnar is one of the most beautiful hill stations in Kerala. Nestled in the clouds, at an altitude of 6,000 feet above sea level, it is the meeting point of the Mudhirapuzha, Nallathanni, and Kundali rivers. The high peaks meet the serenity of the great lakes, the shimmering green forests, and the vast tea plantations, giving the town its fabulous beauty.

The lush greenery of the place made it the home of the Malayarayan and Muthuvan tribals for thousands of years. Their laborers were usually brought from the nearby Madras Presidency. This heritage can be found everywhere in the city at the confluence of two states. In addition, there is a wealth of legends and sites associated with the city’s colonial past and the days of the British Raj, giving it a quaint old-world charm.

Today, the hill station is most popular with families looking for a break from the monotonous daily grind of the city, and couples in search of a romantic paradise. Although there are great adventures and many fascinating historical and cultural trails to explore here, Munnar is now the place most travelers visit to get close to nature, relax and unwind.

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