Dalhousie is ideal for people who want to relax and distress.

Dalhousie is a high-altitude town spread across 5 hills near the Dhauladhar mountain range in the north Indian state of Himachal Pradesh. It’s home to colonial-era buildings, including St. Francis and St. John’s churches, which date back to the rule of the British Raj in the 1800s. A trek up Dainkund Peak leads to Pholani Devi Temple.
Elevation: 1,970 m
District: Chamba

Those visiting Dalhousie do so to be in the company of nature, and it keeps them company always. It doesn’t matter which part of the town you may be in, the sight of snowcapped peaks of the Dhauladhar Range greets you constantly. The clouds embrace the mountains in the distance, while the greenery of the landscape is brought out by the sun’s rays in another. This contrast lightens the mood and cheers you up. A trip to Dalhousie is largely about sightseeing because the landscape lends itself perfectly to this activity.
Just like most of the other famous hill stations in India, Dalhousie also boasts its own Mall Road. It is where most of the city’s socializing happen, and on any day, you can watch people taking a leisurely stroll or simply enjoying themselves by doing nothing. It’s a great place to interact with the locals, as well as lay your hands on Tibetan handicrafts, craftwork, and woolen shawls.
The hill station is far from the crowd and pollution of the cities and offers you a calm environment in the lap of nature. This hill station is a treasure trove of ancient temples, art, handicraft, and Hindu culture, preserved since the sixth century. Bharmour, the capital of the ancient Chamba Hill state, has 84 temples that were built during the period between 7th and 10th century AD. It is also home to the Gujjar and Gaddi tribes.

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